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Considering a home improvement project?

No matter how big or small your home improvement project is, My DIY Budget is the place to start. Whether you plan to hammer every nail, be your own general contractor, hire out the entire job, or somewhere in between, My DIY Budget is the first tool to pull out of your DIY project toolbox.

Thinking about making some changes to your house or yard? You've already decided to spend some money on a home improvement project, but you want to save money too. The fastest way to save on home improvements is to "Do it Yourself"!!! The more you do yourself the more money you'll save. Even if you don't want to pick up a single tool, My DIY Budget will help you save on your project costs.

Start by visiting My DIY Budget for ideas from real people doing real DIY projects. Browse through the projects showcased on My DIY Budget by real people doing real DIY projects. The DIY industry websites, magazines and TV shows have great ideas, but they don't tell you what the price tag is for their projects. Our project owners are proud of their accomplishments and they'll tell you what it really cost to do the project.

Congratulations, you've dreamed up the perfect home improvement project. You're excited because you know that you're going to love it and you can't wait to get started! So the next thousand questions start coming to mind and you realize that getting organized is your next priority. Having a plan is the quickest way to making sure your project is successful and the quickest way to save money. Even if you're going to hire out the whole job, you'll save time and money when you meet with your general contractor and their designers. And, you'll already have a good idea of where their bid should come in!

The saying "The devil is in the details" is so TRUE when it comes to DIY projects. A DIY project budget can become a nightmare simply because the little things add up so fast. Planning ahead for the little things as well as the big ticket items insures that the budget and the project both stay on track. Learning from other My DIY Budget projects and including the details in your project plan saves money and time on your project.

  1. How much will my DIY project cost?
    • If your dream project has been done by a My DIY Budget project owner, then you have your answer. Browse projects showcased on My DIY Budget and compare your project to the real cost from a real project done in your own home town.
    • No two dream DIY projects are exactly alike, but a deck is a basic structure. The differences are in the personal touches that match your taste and personality.
    • Find a design showcased on My DIY Budget that is like yours and import it into your plan. Make the adjustments to fit your design and you have your estimate. Planning your project with My DIY Budget takes the guess out of "Guesstimate".
  2. How do I manage my DIY project budget?
    • If you love working with "Spreadsheets", Internet support gets an B+. If you want to use Software to manage your budget, the score is ZERO. There is nothing out there! That is until now!!!
    • Despite the fact that every expert giving advice on doing DIY projects says to plan a budget and keep track of your costs, nobody has created a tool to do this. Making a list or spreadsheet with guesstimates for major expenses are fine, if you don't mind going over budget on your project. "The devil is in the details"!
    • My DIY Budget is a comprehensive system for planning and managing your home improvement project. Plan your project expenses, including contractors, and track your spending as you go. Save money and eliminate the end of project "Sticker Shock" for your DIY projects. Keep track of the work already done and the work still to do. Tell your story and show off your pride and joy home improvement project to the world.
    • Save time so you have more time to do the real work. When you're ready to make your Saturday morning trip to the big box store, print out your shopping list and eliminate those extra trips back for the things you forgot.

Help for your next DIY Home Improvement Project is coming soon!