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We Are DIYers

It's in our blood

My name is Greg, my wife Sandy and I are "DIYers". My parents knew they had lost me to the dark side when they came home and found my motorcycle in pieces spread out all over the garage. Then again it's probably their fault since they are DIYers too. Sandy grew up on a farm so she was raised by people who were always fixing stuff. She says that she lost count of the number of times her dad moved the laundry room door!

We've been in our current house since 1991 and we've done allot of home improvement projects over the years. Kitchen, built-in entertainment center, bathrooms, patio cover, landscapes, flagstone gathering space, coy pond, etc.

The My DIY Budget website is for DIYers from DIYers.

Our Team

Greg Edwards, Website Designer

I'm a Software Engineer with over 28 years of experience designing and developing software and over 12 years of Project Management experience. As a consultant I take on complete responsibility for managing projects and developing systems for my clients. I have worked for companies of all sizes from Fortune 50 to the smallest of start-ups. Some of the better known clients that I have built systems for have included IBM, Verizon, Yahoo, Alcatel, AT&T, MetroPCS, Blockbuster, Accor (Motel 6), and the Boy Scouts of America.

One of my passions is doing my own home improvement projects. I take a great deal of pride when I've built something that I will be able to enjoy for a long time to come. I don't always get it perfect and a contractor may have done a better job than me. But, it is mine and it was built the way that I wanted it. Getting a contractor to build a design the way Sandy and I envision it is tougher than just doing it ourselves. Besides, if I get it wrong I won't charge extra to do it over!

Greg Edwards, Senior Software Engineer

Frank Edwards, Marketing and Sales Manager

Frank has over 50 years of experience in consumer and business to business markets in both retail and wholesale sales. Frank has owned and operated 6 small businesses including 2 currently active entities, Bear Management Services providing sales and management consulting, and Frank's Sawdust Shop specializing in custom designed and handmade woodwork in the Mission and Heritage styles.

During his 20 year tenure with Dayco Corporation Frank was a member of the Automotive Aftermarket Division sales management team. During this period, Dayco's Automotive Aftermarket Division successfully expanded their market share from 3% to 30%. Frank's value to the company earned him promotions from District Manager, to Regional Manager, to the corporate office's Assistant Division Manager, then Western Division Manager, Eastern Division Manager, National Heavy Duty Manager, and General Sales Manager. He contributed in the development of many employee training programs and his presentation at the National Sales Meeting was adopted as a Dayco Sales Training Manual.

In less than a year as the Director of Sales and Marketing at a national lifting equipment company's Automotive Aftermarket Division, the strategies and team building programs that Frank instituted resulted in the first profit in 2 years for the division.

While at Dominion Automotive, Canada, Frank contributed to the sales efforts which led to a new relationship with an automotive warehouse distributor group comprising of 101 locations which would double Dominion Automotive's U.S. volume. He planned and executed a team building National Sales Meeting between the selling agencies and the Dominion Automotive manufacturing teams.

As a young family man Frank did many home improvement DIY projects from pouring his own concrete patios, fencing and landscaping to converting a portion of the garage to a bedroom for his growing family. His passion for designing and building of woodworking projects has continued throughout his retirement and the success of Frank's Sawdust Shop.

Sandy Edwards, Artistic Director

Sandy expresses her creative talents through her love of theatre. Sandy was one of four members that formed the core group that established the Coppell Community Theatre which began presenting shows to the community in 1988. Sandy has given Theatre Coppell over 25 years of volunteer service as an officer (President & Secretary), playwright, director, producer, actress, fund raiser, stage management, crew member and much more. She has directed 5 plays in addition to several one-acts and performed in over 20 shows. Her proudest moment came when she had the opportunity to work with the author Bill Wallace on her adoption of his children's book "Snot Stew" to the stage. Mr Wallace attended the opening weekend of the play that was put on by Theatre Coppell and directed by Sandy. As a teacher, Sandy utilizes her creativity and staging experience to foster participation, enthusiasm and fun in learning for her 5th grade Science class.

Sandy grew up on a farm and learned what it is to be a DIYer at a young age. Of course they didn't think of it as DIY since as a normal way of life they didn't call in "professionals" if they could do it themselves. She has always enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment when something she's done is finished. She continues to maintain that DIY spirit with our home improvement projects and her set design and construction work with the theatre. Sometimes her DIY spirit can truly be tested though. Like the year that I gave her a coy pond kit, a ton of rocks and pointed her to the shovel for her Mother's Day present. She smiled, clobber me with the shovel, and headed out in the yard to stake out her spot. She told me that this was her project so "GO AWAY!" Except for providing the muscle to move some of the bigger rocks and running the electrical, she built "HER" coy pond and enjoyed it for many years.

Megan Edwards, Graphic Artist

Megan is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Art. Megan is extremely passionate with a highly creative detail oriented mind which she applies with endless devotion to the art of story telling, through both visual and written forms. As a freelance artist she has created illustrations for the book "War of the Immortals" by Jessica Givonni. As a student she produced several works that were selected and shown at Exhibitions for major CSU Fullerton events. Megan served one term as Vice President of the largest on campus student art club.

Megan has that poetic outlook that passionate artists have. "To me, art is more than entertainment. It documents our lives. We use it to capture the culture that we embrace and leave our footprint in the pages of history. Art passes along morals we have obtained as well as what has been shed in our journey."

Megan Edwards, Freelance Artist