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My DIY Budget users are highly motivated and actively shopping for the kind of products that your company offers. If you service DIY home improvement customers then enhance your brand and reach out to your audience by advertising with My DIY Budget. Advertising on My DIY Budget not only brings customers to our advertisers, it improves the shopping experience for our users.

My DIY Budget is currently in a prelaunch state with an expected full release later this summer. We have generated a great deal of enthusiasm within the community of DIYer's and have received valuable feedback which has influenced the final website design and features that will be included in My DIY Budget.

Ads placed on My DIY Budget are displayed in 3 vertical 300x250 Medium Rectangle blocks located on the right side of the page. Our pages are designed to adjust the content layout based on the window size of the user's browser which insures that your ad will not be scrolled off the right side of the visible area. Our page layout insures that the top 2 ads fully display above the fold on a normal desktop, even when not in full screen mode. The top ad plus at least 1/2 of the middle ad will appear above the fold on the even smallest laptop and tablet screens.

We offer 3 options for advertisers on My DIY Budget:

  1. Our rotating display ads are serviced by Google AdWords. You can set up your AdWords managed placement campaign to target My DIY Budget directly. We display both text and image ads served from AdWords.
  2. We offer dedicated ad space for rectangular image ads of 300x250 in size. Acceptable formats are .PNG, .GIF, .JPG and .JPEG no larger than 100KB. We will host your image from our servers as a clickable link to your designated landing page.
  3. We also offer dedicate ad space for text ads placed in a 300x250 block. The number of characters and lines of text that can be included depends on the formatting. We will work with you on laying out your message within boundaries of the block. We will host your text ad from our servers with a clickable link to your designated landing page.

The My DIY Budget website is in a pre-launch state and a firm deployment date has not been finalized at this time. Our dedicated ad space during this pre-launch period will not be rotated so your ad will be displayed in the same position on every page that we serve ads on. During this pre-launch period our dedicated ads are not tracked or monitored and we do not provide any performance feedback related to impressions or clicks. If performance tracking is a requirement to meet the needs of your advertising plan then the AdWords managed placement campaign would be a better option.

To purchase a dedicated ad contact us through our Contact form. Select "Advertise" for the reference option to insure your request is sent to our ads management team. Our ads management team will provide current pricing details.

We reserve the right to decline to accept ads that we determine to be inappropriate or detrimental to our branding.