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My DIY Budget FAQs

How much does My DIY Budget cost?

My DIY Budget is free to register and use as a project owner. All we ask is that you don't register as a project owner unless you are going to do a project. You can browse through the projects managed by our project owners as a visitor to My DIY Budget so we suggest that you visit the site and explore projects to get ideas for your own project before registering.

Is My DIY Budget a mobile app?

The short answer is no. My DIY Budget is intended to be feature rich and free for use by visitors and project owners. The My DIY Budget website utilizes a floating page design so that the entire width of the page is displayed. This design prevents content from being pushed off the right side of the screen and forcing users to "scroll" the page to see it. Through a smartphone web browser our pages will appear the same as from a desktop web browser. The portrait orientation of the smartphone is difficult to use but simply turning to the landscape (sideways) screen layout makes our pages just as usable as on a desktop.

Does My DIY Budget include material calculators?

The DIY community is already being well served by allot of good work done in the area of "How-To" build DIY projects. My DIY Budget is a new tool for DIYers to add to their toolbox, not a reinvention of the wheel. Once a DIY project owner knows how much landscape fabric, stone, sand, flagstone, fill, etc. they need they add the items and quantities to their project and track actual purchases against total needs. Project owners can share their experiences of what resources they found helpful in their "How-To" part of the project with other project owners. My DIY Budget promotes the idea of collaboration and shared experiences to improve the joy of being a DIYer.