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The Definitive Guide to My DIY Budget


My DIY Budget is a Home Improvement Project Planning and Management System. The system provides the tools necessary for a project owner to plan their DIY project by collecting their materials lists, estimating costs and tracking their actual spending. Project owners include anything that is needed to build their project, including re-purposed items like wood, bricks, fixtures, etc. An estimate for the project is built up by including the amounts for anything that will incur a cost during the project, including materials, labor, consultation expenses, building permits, etc. The level of detail that a project owner collects is entirely under their control.

The My DIY Budget planning tools help the DIY project owner organize, plan, and prioritize the parts of the project by separating the work into smaller sub-projects for scheduling and managing spending and storage needs. As progress is made the work that is completed is checked off of the to-do list and the next item started.

The tracking tools in My DIY Budget make it simple to plan ahead and know what purchases are needed for the work at hand. Simply print the shopping list for the next item in the to-do list and take it with you to the store. Enter the items from your store receipt in the system and get to work building. The tracking tools save time by taking the guess work out of what and when to buy the materials needed to complete the current work.

The project history tools in My DIY Budget report the progress and showcase the project throughout each phase and accomplishment as the plan and check-list count down to a completed DIY project. Project owners can include their designs, before and after pictures, and experiences doing their dream home improvement.

Users Guide

The Definitive Guide to My DIY Budget is a guide for both users who want a detailed instruction set on "how-to" use the features and controls, and those who just want the "basics" before they jump into the deep end. All users are encouraged to read the introduction and overview before starting to get to know the system.

Launch Note

Until the Official Launch we are only including some of the highlights of what My DIY Budget provides our users. The "how-to use" and "full capability" of the features will be released with the "official" launch.